About Us

MajesTees is a small family owned business founded in early 2019. We specialize in screen printing, heat transfer, and logo design.

It was first brought to life in order expose underprivileged kids with an alternative hustle vs ways that they are exposed to daily. Our CEO of MajeesTees Custom Apparel, also has a non-profit where he and his business partner implements after school programs in their school district. During these after school programs, kids are able to pick certain classrooms that they are able to attend which teaches them basic life practices. Screen print teaching was one that wanted to be implemented. Sadly, with COVID taking place, a lot of the kids are no longer in school, so this idea came to a halt. 

It may have come to a halt with the after school program, however, many requests were being made for personalized t-shirts for different events like family reunions, birthdays, anniversary's, specials gifts, etc. Because we didn't want the idea to die down, and still would like to implement a program with the youth some way, a customized t-shirt business was created. During our business hours, we try to involve our own kids, as well as our nieces, nephew and family friends. We want them to learn about work ethics, paychecks, retirement, investing, and money management. 

Needless to say, the kids are what make us get up everyday and bring you the best quality work.