Bulk FAQ

Do you have minimums?

Answer: Yes, bulk orders require a minimum of 6 items. Items must be the same apparel and have the same image. However they can be different sizes and colors. 

Do you ship?

Answer: Yes. In fact, shipping is our preferred method of delivery. 


What is your turnaround time?

Answer: Our usual turnaround time is minimum 7 - 14 for smaller orders and may be a bit longer for larger orders.

Do you offer rush orders?

Answer: Yes, for a fee. To ensure that we are able to fulfill your rush order we will need to know the exact day that you need your order. This should discussed before the order is placed. 

Question: What kind of file do I need?

Answer: Preferably, SVG or EPS.


Question: Do you only offer one brand of t-shirt or apparel?

Answer: No, we offer many different brands. However, we do have a difference in pricing between our top good quality brands and our lower quality brands. If there is a specific brand that you would like to work with, we can try and get it for an additional fee.