Dropshipping FAQ

Thinking about starting a T-Shirt business but don't have the start up capitol, inventory, or equipment to produce the items? Let us be your vendor. You create your own website and sell your own products. You will then send us a weekly report of the products that you will need made and shipped out. Because dropshipping is very well know nowadays, you may see the items on multiple different websites, which can lead customers to navigate away from your website and go elsewhere. However, here at MajesTees, you have the opportunity to create an authentic image/logo, trademark it if you see fit, and sell it on your website. All we do is make it for you and ship it out to your customer. See FAQ's below.



Is there a startup fee?

Answer: Yes, startup fee is $35 per design/per color. This will pay for each screen to be made with your design on it. It will also expedite the process of making the apparel since the screens are already completed. Your screen will remain untouched until a purchase is made and you communicate to us exactly what you need sent out.


Can I switch the logo, if one isn't selling, and will I have to repay the startup fee?

Answer: Yes. If your logo is not having any luck, and you'd like to retire it on your website, we can always clean the screen that we have and reapply a new image to that existing screen. However, the same amount or less screens must be used for the switch nothing more, or else fees may be applied. Please note that your prior image will no longer be active. There is a $15 image switch fee per screen/color.


What happens if there are no sales for a long period of time?

Answer: Because we have many customers who order from us through, partnership, dropshipping, and bulk, we do have an inactive policy. If your image is inactive for at least 2 months we will no longer keep that screen available. Of course, we will contact you and at that time you can decide if you'd like to switch to another logo, or end our partnership. 


How does everyone involved get paid?

Answer: Before starting up, we will discuss policies, prices, logos and payments. Once in agreement, we will start working. You as the seller will work independently on your brand and your website. Once a week you will send us a form with the details of what exactly you need and where it will be shipped to. During this time, a payment will need to be made to MajesTees, before we start the process.